About Us

Handcrafted CBD Oil

Our premium organic products are grown on our trusted farm. They are consciously, handcrafted in small batches and at low temperatures to keep ingredients alive. We proudly source from the highest-quality ingredients, create with seed to soil sustainable farming practices, manufacture with exceptional standards and bottle in our Certified Organic Apothecary. We ship anywhere in the USA.

CBD Oil, the Natural Solution

CBD extract oil may be therapeutic for people and pets. It is non-psychoactive and has a high concentration of naturally occurring CBD.

Cannabidiol receptors are abundantly present throughout the entire body. They are found in the Nervous System, Immune System, Digestive System, Reproductive System and in Cognitive functioning.

Users have reported they experience feelings of overall wellness, balance, peacefulness and calm when incorporating CBD into their daily lifestyles.

Our Quality Standards

Chakra Organics was conceived from our overall consciousness for the environment, our concern for sustainability, our love of farming and our enjoyment of the finest quality ingredients. Whether it be on our table, in the foods we eat or in the products we use on and in our bodies and our environment, we are aware of the importance of every step of our growing, manufacturing and distributing processes.  We practice food traceability; we know where our products come from. Our ingredients, always organic, come either straight from our own farm or are directly sourced from the farms we know also practice sustainable organic farming and fair trade.

Allow this to assure you that Chakra Organics uses only the world’s best ingredients.  We are excited to bring you the highest quality, organic products that will incorporate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to your body, farm to fork nutrition and an overall awareness of the environment and the importance of sustaining it.

Our Story

A few years ago, Chakra Organics owners, Ed Etheridge and Allen Herndon, were hiking in the mountains around Southern California talking about their families’ experiences of over 40 years of organic farming. Out of this generational passion, they came up with the idea to collaborate and create a line of organic, energy-conscious, highly-nutritious foods, tinctures, and topicals via their local Farmers Markets and locally-owned small businesses. After an incredible amount of hard work, late nights, and testing products, they opened for business and the response has been incredible! Customers have been raving about the delicious and nutritious products, and say Chakra Organics CBD Oil products are working better than anything they have ever used before. Their journey has been exciting so far, stay tuned as they continue to grow and expand.