All About Organic CBD

1. What is CBD?

CBD a.k.a Cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant – either hemp or marijuana.  Interestingly, the human body naturally produces cannabinoids in the brain, CB1 receptors in the nervous system, CB2 receptors in the immune system, many organs and glands.

CBD that comes from hemp is considered hemp-derived and contains less than .3% of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore doesn’t cause a “high”. CBD that comes from marijuana plants contains more than .3% THC and does create a “high.” There isn’t standardized testing for CBD products. Chakra sends their products to an independent lab and each product is individually tested with a unique QR code.

2. What does it take for CBD to be USDA organic?

The USDA’s official policy is that “for hemp produced in the United States, only industrial hemp, produced in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill, as articulated in the Statement of Principles on Industrial Hemp issued on August 12, 2016 by USDA, may be certified as organic, if produced in accordance with the USDA organic regulations.” Chakra Organics CBD oil is USDA certified.

5 basic steps to become organically certified:

  • First, the business must adopt organic practices.
  • Next, after selecting a USDA accredited certifying agent, the business submits fees and an application to the agent.
  • Once the agent reviews the information, the agent must confirm that the information is correct and complies with USDA organic regulations.
  • The site is inspected by an on-site inspector.
  • If everything is satisfactory the business is approved and given an organic certificate.

Hemp-derived CBD oil on a federal level is legal thanks to the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill has created a highly regulated crop for both commercial and personal use.  Some of the restrictions include that: CBD should be grown from hemp, production must comply with the Farm bill, growers must be licensed and state and federal regulations must be followed.

The FDA requires that any product (CBD included) marketed with a health or therapeutic claim must be approved prior to it’s introduction into interstate commerce. All other cannabinoids grown in any other manner remain illegal.  The FDA allows research and testing on CBD products and permits the transfer of hemp-derived products across all state lines.  CBD oil can be shipped legally in all 50 states with no restrictions on the transport, possession or sale of CBD.

4. What is special about Chakra Organics CBD?

All Chakra Organics CBD products have been independently tested and verified. Chakra Organics is so confident in their CBD products that we place a QR code on each bottle. Consumers can verify the results by scanning the QR code on every bottle.

Currently,  there are no regulations or standardized testing for the CBD market. Therefore, to regulate CBD in products, be transparent and consciously aware, Chakra Organics, uses independent labs to test their products and displays CBD and THC results on each product.

Chakra Organics cares, not only about the earth, the environment and the quality of our CBD, but the health and overall well being of our customers.

5. Is there THC in CBD products?

Most CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. CBD is derived from Hemp plants which contain the least amount of THC (not Marijuana plants.)  The allowed tolerance of THC in CBD products is 0.3%. There are some products that contain zero amounts of THC. Most of our products contain trace elements well within this 0.3% threshold.

6. Is there organic CBD for pets?

Organic CBD is not just for humans, animals and pets, like dogs, cats, and horses can benefit from CBD too. This is because animals have cannabinoid receptors throughout their body just like people do.

It’s best to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any products containing CBD to your pets.

View our organic CBD for pets, organic CBD oil for dogs, organic CBD oil for cats, and organic CBD oil for horses.

7. Why buy full spectrum CBD?

Our USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD is derived from the whole aerial plant. Our CBD products contain many more elements than CBD. These elements include terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids and other cannabinoid oils such as CBG, CBN, THCV, and trace amounts of THC. As opposed to isolating one part of the plant, these compounds work together to produce interactions among the compounds to produce the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect has been described as being more beneficial than only taking a singular compound.